Clean and Unclean Foods

In this interview with Professor Walter Veith, he explains the scientific difference between clean and unclean animals that may be consumed. Science proves why people should not eat unclean animals and fish.

1 Timothy 4:4 is a verse often cited to support the typical understanding that God has abolished some of His commandments, specifically in this case, the dietary instructions. This appears to be a valid claim when the verse is examined in isolation. However, as soon as we employ sound hermeneutical principles by incorporating surrounding context, we find that 1 Timothy 4:4 actually teaches us that God's dietary instructions are not abolished at all. In fact, we find that 1 Timothy 4 actually proves that we should still be keeping God's dietary instructions. This 30 minute teaching is essential to anyone still struggling with Paul's letters and his teachings on the law.

This short video is not for the weak stomach. It shows what eating pork can do to a person. This is not to say that this will absolutely happen to everyone eating pork but that it "can" happen if a person continues eating pork. YHWH -- Yahweh is the "Master" Designer/Creator of all Creation. He "knows" what is good for mankind and what is not good for mankind. Food included.


When I was studying the dietary instructions in the book of Leviticus, YHWH -- Yahweh gave me a vision about all the unclean creatures He created. This vision goes like this: He gave me a knife and a fork and took me to the city dump. Then He proceeded to tell me "Dig in and eat." He painted this vision to demonstrate that these unclean things are necessary but that they are not food fit for human consumption. This vision is only one of two He gave me. The other vision He gave me is about a candy bar. Sounds delicious until you learn the "hidden ingredient." He had me take a dried dog dropping and dip it several times in rich caramel. Then sprinkle peanuts all over it. Then dip it several times in rich chocolate. The candy bar sounded delicious until I saw the "hidden ingredient." This is the way it is with the way unclean foods are prepared. We use herbs, rich butter and other things to make things taste good. All the while these unclean foods are doing damage to the human body -- that which you cannot see like the dried dog dropping in the candy bar. People do not know that major illnesses are caused by eating unclean foods.


“Clean” and “Unclean” in the Future

Does Yahweh still expect Christians today to obey His Dietary Instructions even after the Church has became more “Gentile” and less “Jewish” in these last days? What about in our modern time? Do meat restrictions matter to Yahweh any more? For our answer, let us consider Yahweh’s attitude on the subject as found in a prophecy about the latter day period preceding the return of Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) (or “the coming of the Master / Lord” as noted in the Old Testament). Isaiah 66:15-16 introduces a prophecy about the time when:“15For look, יהוה (Yahweh) comes with fire and with His chariots, like a whirlwind, to render His displeasure with burning, and His rebuke with flames of fire. 16For by fire and by His sword יהוה (Yahweh) shall judge all flesh, and the slain of יהוה shall be many –”This directly parallels Revelation 19:11-21’s prophecy that the return of Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) will involve a bloody war in which Yeshua’s (Jesus’) heavenly army slays huge numbers of human armies who resist His rule. Isaiah’s prophecy concludes in Isaiah 66:22-23 with millennial language about “a new heavens and a new earth,” and “all flesh” on earth coming to worship Yahweh. After this prophecy is introduced in Isaiah 66:15-16, notice what is mentioned in Isaiah 66:17 as one of humanity’s sins in the latter days which provokes Yahweh to anger:“those who set themselves apart and cleanse themselves at the gardens after ‘One’ in the midst, eating flesh of pigs and the abomination and the mouse, are snatched away, together,” declares יהוה (Yahweh).”How many Christians realize that prophecy reveals that one of the sins which provokes Yahweh’s wrath in the latter days is mankind’s eating of pigs flesh and other unclean meats?The answer is very few.We have now examined Scriptures confirming that Yahweh forbids and condemns the eating of unclean animal flesh in (A) the Old Testament period, (B) the early New Testament church, and (C) the latter-day time period as well. There are no Scriptures in the New Testament which clearly permit Christians to eat unclean meats. The conclusion of the entire Biblical discussion on this subject is that Yahweh still forbids the eating of “unclean meats.” What an affirmation of Malachi 3:6 wherein Yahweh states:“For I am יהוה (Yahweh), I shall not change, and you, O sons of Yaʽaqoḇ (Jacob), shall not come to an end.”….and Hebrews 13:8 which states:“יהושע (Yeshua) Messiah is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.”The unmistakable Biblical teaching is that those Christians who wish to obey Yahweh should abstain from eating the flesh of animals which are identified in the Bible as “unclean.”The facts are clear as to which animals are “clean” and which are “not clean” when looking to the future. Had there been a change or had one been anticipated, it would have been clearly stated. Yahweh does not leave us to second guess what He establishes. Such is not the case, the conclusion becomes inescapable. Were there to have been a change, there is no reason for the distinction to be made clear as existing in the Last Days period—the time of now and on until Messiah’s return. This prophecy is found in Isaiah 66:17, showing that Yahweh will slay those who eat “swine’s flesh, and the abomination, and the mouse.” If all animals are now clean, this becomes an empty, meaningless threat. Rest assured that Yahweh does not make such shallow threats!

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